About Us

As a small advisory company, we can only afford clear work that gives our clients clear results.

We can do this as we combine:

  • first hand practical knowledge from working and implementing improvement projects ourselves at established businesses from front-line to senior management level,
  • experience from advising clients from major corporations to start-ups and SMEs,
  • studies of best-practices at leading firms and academia.

This approach enables us to advise you on how to fit those best practices to the unique culture and current situation of your company, or when and how to opt for a different solution.

So any change we implement together sticks for the long-term, as long as the agreed principles are consistently applied and re-evaluated when business circumstances change.

Our Story

Behind every great company, is a true story. Who are we? Why did we build our business? And what makes us one of the best at what we do, today?

Our journey has been one of a kind so far and we hope to make our work together one of a kind too!

Let us tell you our story:

We are two professionals, Zsofia Nagy and  Gergely Nagy, who worked in different industry and consulting positions through the last roughly 2 decades and have come to the conclusion that we can contribute the most to creating value for our society and companies, if we work independently, flexibly and if we work with value-based fees.

We have worked with different sized organisations on our journey and that also helped us decide on this next step to own our company, thus to be able to help more organisations at the same time.

Therefore any size of organisation or individual entrepreneurs can turn to us and we are happy to help in our areas of expertise.

Geographically we cover all countries, but being primarily based in & around EMEA, we take on assignments far away from our home only when it creates big enough value for our clients (so we work with APAC and Americas regularly too).

As we bring diverse professional backgrounds, we have developed 2 sets of service lines for our clients:

As a unique identifier we are twins on top of being co-owners and colleagues, which means we indirectly worked together for the last 40 years.

We grew up in Hungary as part of the Eastern European communist block that changed to capitalism in the 90's, which proved to be good for one thing: to ensure we can adapt as fast as possible to any circumstance due to the instability of the situation driven by the change (both financially and socioeconomically) over a longer period of time. We are still using this unique skill set to help others and keep us humble when it comes to successes.

The name of our company comes from the local, German abbreviation of what we’re aiming for: Advisory for long-term value creation.
We’re advocats of long-term horizon based thinking and decision making since the beginning of our professional lives: we’ve fought for this side at every opportunity, saw the benefits of it and the issues arising when it was missing, as well as the trade-offs that were necessary to adopt it.

We work with executive and senior level leadership to ensure that the value we plan to deliver:

  • is established and agreed,
  • helps the client to move forward in their business and
  • helps to gain the necessary commitment from all stakeholders required to succeed.

We strive for a partnership with our clients, where delivering the agreed values are of mutual interest and is based on trust and simplicity.

Let it be a short assignment or a longer project to work together on, we work by the same values.

This includes honest communication: if we think there is something else that should be done, or if we aren't the right partner for the assignment (in this case, if we know of a good partner, we will recommend one), we will let you know and keep in touch.

Hope to meet you soon as one of our partners!

Get to know us

Zsofia Nagy (Sophie)

Our Supply Chain service line owner
External partner on-demand

Gergely Nagy (Greg)

Our Organisational Culture service line owner