Gergely Nagy (Greg)

Who I am:
A former structural and geotechnical engineer, who caught the interest in the people side of organisational success and it's enablers and issues.

As an independent professional, I can help organisations to make engaging corporate culture a reality - driven by cross-functional alignment beyond their competition and create a talent strategy that sustainably supports business success and avoids today's major pitfalls that limit companies reaching their full potential, whether it is serving their market or satisfying their investors or both.

My personal aim in this area is to see more professionally engaged people in all levels of organisations, companies that harness today’s technological advancements fully and update their people related processes to enable business success that is in alignment with peoples’ personal goals and the completely changed landscape of human resources compared to business life a few decades ago.

Where I come from:
I come from a small family of engineers, in which profession I worked happily and successfully for some time before I decided to pursue other areas in business.

I designed building structures above and below the ground, fine-tuned designs of others or completely re-designed parts to create more value for clients while keeping the original purpose intact. I created alignment and increased collaboration cross functionally along the entire value-chain, from static designers through project managers, sales engineers, down to the production teams as well as our counterparts at client organisations.

I was responsible for projects up to a few million Euros personally in less than 2 years after I started my career with very little senior support.

I helped companies to improve internal processes, improve the quality of how departments serve others and collaborate with them. I played a significant role to realign a business with major changes in it’s client portfolio after a market disruption (public sector channel dropped from 80% of their annual revenue to 40% in one year, successfully replaced by private sector clients) while they had almost no leeway from investors ; as well as creating a department where employee engagement was way beyond today's standards. Elevated inter departmental relationships and helped one to gain more respect inside an organisation and established it as an accepted counterpart among the others.

What I love doing, when I don't work:
In the last few years endurance sports gained more focus in my private life. I do stand up paddling in summer and Cross-Country skiing in winter. I also enjoy hiking or making a bike tour occasionally in the beautiful countryside of Switzerland. On quieter days, I prefer listening to mostly classical music or jazz and the occasional glass of wine. I’m partial to the regions of Burgundy, Champagne and Franciacorta.

Looking forward to working with you!