Zsofia Nagy (Sophie)

(external partner, on-demand)

Who I am:
A value chain* and commercialisation expert, who has a real passion and love for her work and for ensuring development for the organisations I work with.
* We can call it supply chain for those who like that term more, but evidently, these all represent value to the businesses they operate across, so I like to use the term value chains.

As an independent professional, I offer an objective pair of lenses and a rich, experience-based knowledge to help you find the right solution and execute it successfully.

My personal aim in my profession is to develop a value chain community of leaders, who can represent our functional area in a language and a manner that is being recognised as the ship that takes the different parts of the business together to the port we want to go to.

Where I come from:
I come from a small family of engineers, which did not stop me from going for a degree in International Business Administration to set the balance back into the family insight pool (or perspectives) and it served me well.

I used to swim competitively as a kid, which taught me a lot about diligence, resilience and endurance, but also a lot about flexibility, mindfulness and focus. I apply these in my daily work and how I approach problems and solutions for my clients.

What makes me who I am, as a professional:
I started at the very bottom of the organisation at companies and worked my way up with honest and hard work.
This gave me three very powerful tools:

  • knowledge of what goes on in the trenches,
  • how to build trust with employees to get things done (even when they don't report to me) and
  • how to bridge the top to the bottom of the organisation for their mutual benefit.

Do these really work? - Yes, they do. The fact that I was able to successfully transfer my knowledge across industries, departments and even professions during the last 18 years (switching between industry and consulting) and add tangible value to all so far, proves this every day. I have to admit that from the 3 tools, the last one is the hardest one to work with and apply the right way in different situations - but it is working!

In general, I like to go home at the end of the day and see a happy face in the mirror, so this is what I like to see at my clients' organisation as well!

What I love doing:
I am an experienced supply chain professional with over 18 years of strategic and operational leadership across different business functions, but primarily in global value chains and commercialisation.

Essentially designing, building and correcting supply chains to become aligned to business needs and one that is capable of changing with the business environment.

What I love doing, when I don't work:
I'm a sporty person and basically any sport outdoors (SUP, swimming, hiking) or a good book indoors (with a cup of tea) can switch off the cogs or redirect them to relaxation.
I love classical music and theatre as well, so you can find me there too when the season starts.
Beyond this, I like my small citrus garden on my balcony and cooking a good meal for the people around me.

Hope to meet you soon to see how I can help (yes, even virtually)!

I had the pleasure to talk to Emily Cook from Supply Chain Digital on the importance and aspects of #frugalsupplychains!
Thank you for the opportunity, for the great questions and the laid back, yet on point discussion!

Hope you find value in it too and it can spark further thoughts in your professional lives, even if you listen to it as part of the weekend wind down!

Have a great weekend when you get there everyone!
#circularity #sustainablebusiness #frugalinnovation


"Zsofia supported and led for me a number of key initiatives relating to large business transformation programmes within the airline. Zsofia was undoubtedly my bedrock at times, she has years of experience in procurement and supplier management, but also brought to the team her leadership and change management skills in resolving a number of critical issues that eventually led to the overall success of the programmes. Zsofia is comfortable working alongside people from the ‘shop floor’ all the way to C-level, where she built excellent relationships with her stakeholders and was able to communicate the wider strategic picture or get into the detail whenever the situation deemed it necessary. As mentioned in Zsofia’s other recommendations, the overriding aspect she brought with her was her commitment in doing what was right for the business, pulling her sleeves up and getting stuck into the work to help her colleagues; she was a team member, not a consultant on the sidelines just supporting with advice. I would not hesitate in recommending Zsofia to any future clients/customers, I guarantee she will drive your future programmes of work to success."

David Neil - Transformation Programme Manager - Cyber Security at Airbus (formally at Etihad Airways)

"Zsofia was quick at demonstrating her abilities are not limited to supply chain, her leadership skills helped to address and solve critical issues in process design, data conversions and was able to provide advice when more senior people in her team were not able to see a clear path forward. Her motivation was to do the right thing regardless of who would receive the credit."

Jaime Quevedo - Executive at IBM Global Business Services

"Zsofia is without doubt one of the most hard working and intelligent consultants I have worked with. Her subject matter knowledge and pleasant demeanor mean she is fantastic at building good relationships and explaining through complex concepts with clients and teams. Perhaps most importantly, she has an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for both her clients and her colleagues, making her a rare asset to any organization. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Zsofia to anyone."

Justin Hughes - Strategy & Operations at EY"

"Zsofia is an outstanding supply chain professional, who combines an excellent knowledge across the end to end spectrum with hands on realism gained delivering a broad range of supply chain projects. Seemingly equally at home in line and consulting roles, I found in my time leading the team Zsofia was part of she demonstrated real insight in being able to analyse, design and deliver change at a supply chain level. I very much hope to work with her again in the future."

Matt York - Helping to build the self-driving enterprise