Supply-Chain Advisory

Our craft is designing, building and correcting supply chains to become aligned to business needs and one that is capable of changing with the business environment.

Supporting Start-ups & Scale-ups

We help you right from the idea stage and concept assessment through boot-strapping, getting investment until scaling up your new company and laying the foundations of a middle sized firm with tailor made offerings that fit the maturity and financial constrains of your company.

Organisational Culture Advisory

We find root causes of problems in the area of organisational success and talent management whether they are system, process or culture related and help you design solutions that can remedy them on a long-term sustainable basis.

Functional coaching - supply chain

This is a 1:1 session opportunity for supply chain practitioners, where we go beyond the standard functional problem solving models, methods or decision trees, rewire some of the thinking models and align competencies for a better professional life every day.


We start any new relationship with an initial set of short and free consultations to find out if our expertiese fits your current or future needs.

On any major engagement we guarantee a shared interest to our clients, working exclusively through value-based pricing. Before we start working together the value-add of the engagement is estimated and agreed upon. We usually looking to offer you ideally 10:1 and a bare minimum of 5:1 return on the investment to justify your business case.