Functional coaching - Supply chain

This is a session for supply chain practitioners, where we go beyond the standard functional problem solving models, methods and decision trees, rewire some of the thinking models and align competencies for a better professional life every day.

What is functional coaching?
It is a professional discussion, which can put your professional thinking on a robust path and improve your functional decision making by tapping into my personal expertise combined with objective challenge from an independent viewpoint.
In other terms, it is a combination of multiple approaches, as we are focusing on a rounded development of your professional life by asking the right questions that guide you to the right answers. It is not functional advisory, where I'd provide the solutions.

Why is it valuable beyond internal company coaching/mentoring?
1. Senior colleagues in supply chain organisations simply don't have the time to coach or mentor, as resources are spread thin, which leads to insufficient attention and/or cancelling sessions (#1 cause of cancellations is time!).

2. External evaluation of an event/problem/situation is always more objective than internal company sessions, as those can become snow-blinded over time (employee ability to evaluate situations with a strong external-in eye diminishes around 12-18 months from hiring!).

3. We keep away conflict of interest or private agenda driven bias from the process, so we can generate more solution options and evaluate more scenarios. Many organisations aren't big enough functionally in supply chain to assign coaches/mentors, who are far enough in the organisation but have the relevant expertise to really offer a different pair of lenses and objective evaluation of the situation.

4. Creating trust for a fruitful coaching relationship is equally hard internally and externally, so giving opportunity to try both can give you at least 50% better chance to succeed than giving internal options only.

Who is functional coaching valuable for?

1. driven, young professionals with 1-2 years experience, who want to build their professional roadmap

2. mid-senior level professionals either in transition or setting new directions for themselves

3. senior level professionals, who started a leadership role
4. interim managers, as they are always facing high pressure and expectations - stakes are high!

How can we work together?
Book an exploratory appointment on the link here - completely free of charge. This allows us to determine if functional coaching is the right step to take and if I can help you.

Why am I offering this service?
As I went through my career, I wish I had this opportunity available from the start.
Later on, I wish people, who were supposed to coach/mentor me, really had time to do it.

These are especially true for women in supply chain.

Therefore I'd like to give back to those loving supply chain as much as I do and help them to realise their full potential based on the over 60 people I coached during my professional life as part of my roles.

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