Organisational Culture Advisory

As we personally experienced significant improvement and decline driven by great leaders or less capable ones, saw the impact of processes and technologies applied during these changes.

We studied many best and worst practices in organisational culture, human behavior, the impact of evolutionary psychology in today's situations as well as strategies and game theory around human behaviour, which enables us to successfully navigate:

  1. how to set up the workplace to keep people in the state of “FLOW” as much as possible during their job to ensure maximum team performance
  2. which norms and daily practices of today are outdated and therefore limiting team performance and company profitability and need replacement vs which values and practices are timeless and universal to keep,
  3. how to gain quick wins that give the leadership enough breathing room and time to be able to afford the bigger changes necessary

We’ve worked with many people who were really satisfied at their job and others who were miserable and everything in between, and took our time to recognise those building blocks, situations or behaviours that consistently reproduced these outcomes.

Since we prefer that people around us are satisfied and peaceful, we try to create this for as many as possible in the client organisations as well.

Browsing through a few of our key offerings below will confirm whether our values and approach are a good fit for your business and current or future priorities.

Talent considerations in your business strategy and operating model

What implications does the current talent market have on how you operate your business in a sustainable way?

What to do with the Y / Z generation?

Improving diversity in your organisation

How diversity of thoughts add competitive edge to your business, and how to foster it in a sustainable way that you can see improvement in traditional diversity measures as well.

The fast pace of technological development and the consequences in talent management

The entire mindset of how to handle people in organisations were set up decades ago with the limitations and possibilities of that time, sometimes going back to the industrial revolution.

It is time to update the organisational strategy and processes not just the software solutions.

Lessons and actions after disruptions

(e.g. COVID-19)

What actions should you take right after a disruption (e.g. right now) to mitigate the negative impact to your business regarding the talent market.

What lessons can you incorporate into your long term strategy to position your business better and to be more resilient to disruptions.

Auditing Organisational Culture

The actual daily reality of the culture in your organisation has a huge positive or negative impact, a hard to quantify intangible value in the worth of your business.

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