Supply Chain Advisory

Our craft is designing, building and correcting supply chains to become aligned to business needs and one that is capable of changing with the business environment.

We do this by finding those not so clear design or alignment gaps and apply solutions that will enable the business to harvest the fruits of their efforts.

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Audit of Value Chains before M&A

Can you tell, if you are paying the right amount for the value chain you want to buy?

Is the additional cost of integration after M&A estimated well (including non-quantitative elements with cost implications) and are the elements of TCO clear for the business?

Why should these all matter? It should matter as the cost of integration can eat up the ROI of the transaction fast and a 1-5 year investment quickly becomes a 10+ years investment, if one can afford it.

Supply Chain strategy and value chain design

Are your strategy and value chain designs in sync and can you tell, if not and why not?

Is your strategic horizon correct and aligned with perceived business cycles and business goals?

Organisation and talent development

How long is your horizon when it comes to building your organisation and have you ever been left with limited steps on the organisational chess table, when it really mattered, e.g. in times of a crisis or a bigger market shift?

Greenfield value chain setup for Startups / SMEs*

How can you be sure you can choose a greenfield setup or go for CMOs and how far should you outsource any activities to stay successful during and after launch? What other options can be relevant when it most matters?

Asking the right questions before jumping to designing and setting up a new value chain is critical, especially knowing when to ask which questions for the correct evaluation, aligned with the rapidly changing needs of a fast growing startup.

*On behalf of PE and VC investors as well.

Digitalisation and Transparency

How would you match the abundance of technology available to what is really needed and how do you know, if it is the right investment/ ROI and how long will you need it?

Most companies know by now that following others' "best practices" is not always the answer to the question and selecting the partners is one of those long-term investment decisions that can make or break the efficiency and results of the business for a long time. Technology providers seem to be able to cater for everything, but reality can be far off - simply by the business failing to define the correct needs or aiming too high with the desired changes.

So the question really is: are you clear on your business needs and if the business wants to improve as well as implement a solution, then is the business ready to take that jump and investment in time/effort/money?

'Circular for Zero' Transformation

Environmentally conscious value chains carry different cost structures, not more cost.

How can we build a value chain strategy that will still deliver business results at a different cost base?

Where should we start at all? Where is re-shoring an option and why?

What are the main consideration elements to correctly baseline the sustainable business goals?

Collaborative supplier / customer engagement

How many of your key suppliers & customers would help you out in case of an issue?

Are you aware of their operational market status & if you both get the most out of your collaboration?

Most businesses would answer these by saying an up front yes and many have started managing these relationships really well during the last decade, but when it comes to mutual benefit realisation, that proverbial elephant is still very much in the room.

Is your business ready to start that discussion for long-term partnerships?

Issue / Disaster recovery

Are you equipped to gauge the length and impact factors of a crisis well?

When was the last time you could simulate an issue / disaster to prepare your teams based on your risk strategy?

Performance improvement

How often do you audit your own processes, adherence and if that impacts performance (all assets including employees)?

Is it a question of "how", or is it a question of "what" - where the specific performance fails?

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