'Circular for Zero' Transformation

I'll be honest with you: we need to start at the very beginning. Why? Because the global strategy of "cost optimisation at all cost" hasn't provided the results it was aimed for. It is a fact, like it or not, and the last few years have proven that this approach is simply not sustainable: for humankind and for the Planet. It is rightful to say: I cannot just turn my business upside down, can I? It is also true, it cannot be done from one day to another. BUT, we can do a lot of steps every day that will lead to bigger changes in the end, as long as our mindset remains long-term and won't change each quarter.

What can be done are:

  1. Listen and learn from businesses, which have built up sustainable or circular value chains from scratch
  2. Start with your next product line that requires new setup
  3. Continue with the smaller steps in the sub-functions and ensure it moves fully from one end to the other, it should not stop within siloes
  4. Prepare to settle for smaller, but sustainable margins for longer-term (in some industries, not all, as in some, the margins would not change as there is a lot to do on the cost side of the business in the first place, which will balance the profit expectations)