Issue / Disaster recovery

Unforeseen crisis' are majorly built up by issues that are not unprecedented or unknown, but when these happen together, then they create a unique situation that is usually hard to solve and requires personal resilience and experience in crisis / disaster resolution.

Having the ability to break down the a crisis to its known and solvable components is the key to resolve it faster and with the least impact and additional resources needed.

If someone hasn't had the chance to live through and manage through a crisis / disaster, then the skills are usually not there - so the only skill to utilise here is to ask for the right support and learn from that person, who has previous experience.

There is a possibility too, that military and navy are both using: simulation of crisis / disaster led by experienced and skilled crisis resolution experts.

If a company has in general risk areas, where the exposure to a crisis cannot be eliminated, then it is great to mitigate the potential impact and build the BCP based on that experience (BCP = business continuity plans).

If there is an expectation that a crisis would happen, where the likelihood of impacting the company in the near future is high enough, then it is an equally good solution to become prepared during the remaining time (= partial mitigation).