Organisation and talent development

The story of having a supply/value chain organisation or not in a company is over 50 years long...some companies have one and still don't have the results they wanted, some don't have any and they just hope for results (some actually have results). I worked with both and they all came out on the other end in a better position.

The real solution is having key positions in your value chain, who:

  1. are able to think and work like entrepreneurs,
  2. have skills to see the business end-to-end and
  3. have the skills to influence across.

This needs long-term investment of time and effort primarily and the right mindset, when it comes to organisations strategy: knowing what the business expects from a role and if that is relevant from a job market perspective or needs adjustment. Similarly, if you don't want to invest, then knowing what to do, what the risks are and how to mitigate them.