Helping Start-ups & Scale-ups*

We help you with tailor made offerings that fit the maturity and financial constrains of your company - right from the idea stage and concept assessment through boot-strapping, getting investment until scaling up your new company and laying the foundations of a middle sized firm.
*On behalf of angels, VC or PE investors as well.

Occasional advisory calls or a retainer, on-going coaching, specific projects, taking fractional or interim COO positions or an advisory board seat - we're flexible on the arrangement and always ready to find the most effective way of helping you.

Industry areas: Consumer products - Food - FMCG / Biotech - Medtech - Pharma / Warehousing - Logistics - Airlines / Manufacturing / if not listed simply ask!

Functional expertise: End-to-End Operations, Supply Chain Networks, Sustainability, Circular economy, B-Corp, Commercialisation - Sustainable product development, Enterprise solutions - Digitalisation of operations / Procurement - Purchasing - Contracting - Partner management / if not listed simply ask!

Idea / concept phase

Evaluating your idea and initial business plan if available, giving helpful feedback and lot's of hard questions. Connecting you with our extensive network of relevant partners.

Bootstrapping / Accelerator / Getting you investment ready

Building or evaluating your strategy and business model. Supplier or partner search, audit and selection.
Creating a detailed business plan.

Deploying investment / Scaling-up phase

Building up the structures, creating processes and setting up governance. Building and training your team to effectively deploy the capital you received including functional assessment of candidates. Laying down the foundations for future growth. 


Initial Operations Setup (Client: Medical Device Startup - 6 months)

Healthcare device manufacturing Start-up (projected annual turnover of 7.2 mi GBP – pre-revenue stage project). Developed their go-to-market strategy in supply chain and operations including commercial distribution, engaging, selecting the strategic partners, building the business plan and selection of their first Manufacturing Manager.

Key Insights given in

  • Business Plan Development
  • Benchmarking/Cost Analysis
  • Sourcing/Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • New Business Development/Strategic Partnerships

Key results and deliverables

  • CMO/CDMO strategy developed
  • CMO/CDMO strategic partner selection (UK and audit for USA)
  • Ccreated the Commercial Supply strategy & Target operating model
  • Supervised the quality audit (ISO 13485) with a certified ISO auditor
  • Built up their first AOP (annual operating plan) with the owners & external stakeholders
  • Full packaging material cost benchmarking and established a viable pack solution
  • Selected their manufacturing manager (structured assessment, multiple interview stages)

Greenfield value chain setup

How can you be sure you can choose a greenfield setup or go for CMOs and how far should you outsource any activities to stay successful during and after launch? What other options can be relevant when it most matters?

Asking the right questions before jumping to designing and setting up a new value chain is critical, especially knowing when to ask which questions for the correct evaluation, aligned with the rapidly changing needs of a fast growing startup.